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Landscape Construction

Good landscaping can mean a lot. The first impression conveyed by pleasant, well created grounds is an important one, whether they surround a public facility or a business. It’s easy to find yourself with a landscape that starts off looking great but turns out to be a nightmare to maintain. Designing a landscape that is not only beautiful but horticulturally robust requires the use of many skills.

Insight Horticultural Management offers Melbourne businesses and householders a comprehensive service in which all the elements of successful commercial landscaping are handled under the one roof. A single contract can comprise the design, construction and subsequent maintenance of your landscaping project. We are very proficient at computer – CAD based design services which enables easy development and modifications of designs and for the accuracy in obtaining project costings.

How do we do it? Well, Insight’s staff have experience in landscape design that is equally attractive, functional and low maintenance. Insight has assembled a team that has all the trades and skills covered, including soil technology, irrigation and drip conversion, water capture and storage and water feature engineering.

Plant species selection is vital for long term success. Insight’s horticulturalists have the breadth of experience to advise on a vast range of native and exotic species, ensuring that our clients get the trees, turf, shrubs and flowers that will give lasting satisfaction, but with the minimum of maintenance.

At Insight we’re proud of the reputation our landscapers have built for creating Melbourne landscaping solutions of all sizes, for businesses, councils, schools and hospitals. It’s based not just on excellence of design, but on efficient project management. All the elements of the project are performed under a single roof, each phase slots into place with minimum loss of time and wastage of resources.

So if you want your landscape project to come in on time and on budget, give the task to the company that can undertake the design and construction of your landscape and maintain the result in beautiful condition. Let Insight Horticultural Management take charge of your dream.

Landscape Construction: Services
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