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Garden Irrigation

With rainfall as intermittent as it can be in Australia, an efficient drip and sprinkler irrigation system can be the savior of a garden.
Drought and water restrictions mean that many gardens need an efficient way of preserving water and delivering it to where it is needed.

As water is such a precious resource, the garden irrigation system design needs care and skill, if it is to deliver satisfaction. Water loss occurs in gardens through three principal mechanisms:

  • Runoff during heavy rainfall

  • Evaporation through the surface of the soil

  • Transpiration through your plants

The gardener’s challenge is to minimise water losses through runoff and evaporation, while delivering just enough water to the roots of their plants and turf. Ironically, many garden irrigation systems disappoint because they deliver too much water for species which thrive in semi-arid conditions.

At Insight Horticultural Management we have many years’ experience in designing and installing garden irrigation systems. We also have hydraulic engineers to call on for specialist advice about the most challenging projects.

Clearly it is desirable to group together species which have similar water needs. Your Insight Horticulturalists will help here, recommending the best species for your situation.

As well as irrigation, we like to include water harvesting and storage solutions in our service package. That means that as well as reticulation, pop up sprinklers and drip irrigators, our clients get the benefit of best practice in the capture, storage and use of natural rainfall.

So if your landscape project requires irrigation, or if you just want to irrigate your garden so that you make the best possible use of your precious water.

Garden Irrigation: Services
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