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Back To School DIY

This tissue-paper apple tag adds a note of seasonality to a desk or locker. Note to all the teachers out there: This also makes a good first-day-of-school activity, so every student can hang one on their desk.

Back to school DIY

Back-to-school season is upon us and that means one thing: the school supplies list is coming soon! Before you know it, your life will be taken over with getting backpacks, pencils, tissues, notebooks, and more. While this may be an exciting and busy time, if your kid is sad to see summer go, you may need to enlist their help to make some of their own school supplies from scratch to kick up their enthusiasm (along with these encouraging back-to-school quotes to keep them motivated).

These DIY school supplies and crafts are easy to make at home and some even use items you may already have around the house. School supplies can be expensive and making them at home will cost you less money and time in the long run, and your kids will appreciate having their unique supplies stand out. Plus, making them at home will give them more time to pick out their highly anticipated first-day outfits.

Trying to dream up an easy and cheap back-to-school DIY project? Well, my DIY senses are overflowing with ideas since back-to-school season is one of the most exciting times of the year for us moms and the kids! So if you are ready to dive into the fun with me, grab your liquid chalk markers and let me show you one of the coolest and easiest chalkboard art ideas you can use for a back-to-school DIY project.

First on the list of school supplies that every kid needs are notebooks. And buying notebooks with nifty cover designs can be very expensive, especially if you need a whole load of them. Why not make your own instead?

See how easy this back-to-school chalkboard art DIY project is to make? You can even do it with your kids! It is a great way to boost their confidence and pride in their creativity, as they show off their personalized DIY chalkboard notebooks to their friends on the first day of class. The unique flair that chalkboard art gives your notebooks will definitely turn heads!

This DIY back-to-school photo frame is a perfect way to bring some back-to-school cheer into your home. Display those beautiful first day of school photos in a creative way, letting the memories last a little longer.

2. Assemble your jumbo craft sticks together to make a school bus. Start by gluing four craft sticks together with tacky glue to make a box. Use three yellow craft sticks for the top three sides of the box and a silver craft stick for the bottom side of the box.

5. Glue two red craft jewels at the bottom of the school bus for brake lights. Print off the license plate template. Cut out one of the license plates and glue it at the bottom of the school bus. Let the school bus photo frame dry completely.

As an emergency room nurse practitioner, Creech has seen firsthand what the pandemic is doing, and, she says, she's been treating a lot of teenagers during the current COVID-19 surge. That has made her particularly nervous about high schoolers crowding into classrooms. And she is not alone.

The materials cost somewhere between $70 and $120, and the box should last an entire school year. The original idea for this DIY air purifier comes from Richard Corsi, the incoming dean of engineering at the University of California, Davis.

Many schools have bought HEPA-based air purifiers or other well-studied technologies for improving air quality. But these solutions can be costly. And Corsi worries about the school districts that aren't doing anything or are turning to solutions that haven't been proven.

For years, researchers have been warning of the dangers of indoor air quality in schools. Studies have shown that students do better when there's better ventilation in schools: test scores go up, and fewer sick days.

Here are 30+ fun back-to-school sewing projects, with easy tutorials - and most of them with free patterns! If you'd like to make the first day of school feel really special for your child or grandchild, these easy sewing ideas might be just what you are looking for!

Getting ready for some back-to-school sewing? If you are, I've got you covered! These are quick and easy sewing projects for back to school, things you'll sew in one go, some in even less than half an hour.

Make the first day at school special with a personalized gift for the kids. Here you'll also find my back-to-school sewing projects for items school kids will love, but also a bunch of my favorites from my fellow sewing bloggers.

Not just cute and useful, these are easy back-to-school sewing ideas that might be the thing you are looking for to make for your child when it's time to go back to school. Check them all out and choose your favorite.

Make a cute diy backpack for your preschool or school-age child using my latest free drawstring backpack pattern. This drawstring backpack with pockets comes in two sizes and the tutorial includes a lot of sewing tips. Check it out and sew your kid's favorite new drawstring backpack!

Fabric Bookmarks with Felt Circles - 4 free PDF designs Grab the template with 4 FREE designs and check out the easy-sew trick that will make your bookmark corners beautiful. (You'll love this little hack!) Also, bookmarks are one of the best back to school ideas ?

Mini Coin Purse Pattern Just the sweetest little DIY coin purse! It's flat, so you can easily slide it into a jacket pocket or carry anywhere attached on your key ring, or clipped on a school bag. A great DIY back-to-school gift! Get the PDF pattern here in my shop.

Matching Scraps Memory Game for Kids Matching scraps can be easily turned into a cute set of fabric cards for a memory game. A great DIY present for back to school for all ages! Check out the tutorial and grab the free PDF template to make your DIY super easy!

A Simple Frog Applique Here's a simple idea to save money and do something creative in a short time - personalize an ordinary backpack for your child. Never made an applique before? I've got you covered! In this case, learn how to applique here and use my free heart applique from this tutorial (and grab the free applique templates you can use on any of your back to school sewing projects!)

DIY Bunting Banner - Free PDF Template Make your own fabric bunting to hang as decoration to make the first day of school feel special. An easy, step-by-step tutorial with lots of photos and tips for all sewing enthusiasts, including a free PDF template!

Felt Fish Set Making tutorial These DIY felt fish for kids are made quickly and can be reused for a number of indoor activities to release some of the excess energy children always have on stock. They are perfect for a bean bag tossing game and make an awesome back-to-school gift!

If you are a beginner in sewing and looking for projects to make the first day of school feel really special for your child, these project are just what you are looking for. I hope this helped - happy sewing! Damjana

DIY guru Brit Morin, the founder and CEO of Brit + Co, shared her favorite back-to-school hacks for any age group on "Good Morning America" today. Read below for her step-by-step instructions and to learn about how to make each project yourself!

If you're looking for a super fun way to show your summer family vacation memories or your little one's new school portraits, look no further. These are easily one of my favorite ways to display our family photos and they also make great gifts for friends.

Instructions:1. Protect your surface, then take your shoe and place tape across the toe, leaving a few inches exposed.2. Paint using a dark color for your pencil tip.3. Remove the shoelaces and use masking tape to section off the body of the pencil. Paint using a yellow color, then let everything completely dry.4. Paint a gray stripe on the side for the metal. Use masking tape again to be more precise.5. Once the color is dry, paint the back part of the shoe with a pink color to represent the eraser.6. Repeat steps on the other shoe.

DIY guru Brit Morin, the founder and CEO of Brit + Co, shared her favorite back-to-school hacks for any age group on \"Good Morning America\" today. Read below for her step-by-step instructions and to learn about how to make each project yourself!

Gathering Beauty is the place where I share craft tutorials and diy inspiration. I started this blog back in 2013 as a way of sharing all the things I love and make. I share paper crafts, clay crafts, origami, printables and desktop wallpapers as well as the odd crochet and weaving project. I hope you find something here that inspires you.

Have your little ones started back to school yet? Or are yours lucky enough to start in September when the weather is a bit cooler? If yours have already started, just pin for later and you can make this next year! Or use it for the last day of school:) 350c69d7ab


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