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Forgotten Art


Forgotten Art

Funduscopy is an integral part of the physical examination, especially in older patients in whom visual problems and systemic diseases affecting the fundi (e.g., diabetes mellitus) are more common. We have assessed the views of hospital doctors to funduscopy via a questionnaire survey, reviewed the case notes to see whether or not funduscopy is carried out on older patients, and assessed the views of older patients on vision via a questionnaire survey. Review of the case notes showed only three of 100 patients had had funduscopy. Most patients reported a visual problem on specific enquiry. Whilst most hospital doctors believed funduscopy was important, many felt they had insufficient training in this procedure and felt their skills could be improved. We conclude that older patients are missing out on routine funduscopy. Hospital doctors should be aware that not all patients complain of visual problems and specific enquiry should be made. The issue of training and encouragement to perform funduscopy needs to be addressed before funduscopy becomes a forgotten art.

One of the most untapped resources we have today is pleasure. Our world is so obsessed with efficiency and productivity, that we have forgotten the simple art of pleasure. And ironically, pleasure can actually help us be more efficient and successful in our endeavors. When every cell in our body is radiating with pleasure, we operate on a completely different level.

forgotten female artists: Marianne North, A New Pitcher Plant from the Limestone Mountains of Sarawak, Borneo (Nepenthes northiana), Marianne North Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, England, UK. Wikimedia Commons (public domain). 781b155fdc


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