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Buy Kurt Cobain Sunglasses

In fact what prominently stood out amidst the crime scene of his suicide that left millions around the world broken-hearted was a pair of dark sunglasses. In many of his photographs he can be seen wearing the cat-eye frames. It is something that stands out from among our memories of the grunge-generation days.

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What was more surprising about Cobain was that he never tried hard to be flamboyant. In the 90s he could be seen with a weird round grandma-meets-the-Jetsons kind of sunglasses. In November 1993, just five months before his death, Sunday Observer of London commissioned celebrity photographer Jesse Frohman to shoot Nirvana while performing at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.

Though two of the band members appeared promptly, Kurt was three hours late but was wearing large white Jackie O sunglasses when he arrived. These are memories Frohman has from the time he had the privilege of meeting the renowned rockstar for the first time. What made the shoot difficult for Frohman was Kurt remaining adamant on wearing the sunglasses throughout the exercise. This eccentric behavior made it difficult for Frohman to make eye contact with the legend.

Ask any hack in the US who has chased Cobain in those days and the rocker will inevitably be described as the man sporting those cats-eye dark sunglasses with a white plastic frame. Even at the 1993 MTV awards functions what stood out apart from Cobain dressed up in a sailor-striped top, was his retro, oversized sunglasses.

Cobain committed suicide two decades ago. He was the lead singer of grunge band Nirvana and also it song writer and lead guitarist. He was a troubled soul who used music to give vent to his troubles but what he left behind is an image of a man who never cared how he dressed or looked. What he wore became a style statement. So also was the case with the sunglasses he used. They were odd, freakish and eccentric in their designs and shades, but had the privilege of being the choice of no less than Kurt Cobain!!

Last Days is Van Sant's hypothesis of what Kurt Cobain might have done in the hours before he took one final heroin dose and shot himself, at the age of 27, in 1994. The central character, played by Michael Pitt, has been renamed Blake, but he looks more like Cobain than any Stars in their Eyes tribute act, and his Dennis The Menace jumper and 1950s movie starlet sunglasses could have been stolen from the singer's wardrobe. None of Cobain's biographical details are included, though. Blake is never seen buying or taking any drugs, and the moment of his death isn't shown. No band's name is mentioned, there are no gold discs on the walls, and there are no hits on the soundtrack (the sounds of church bells, clock chimes, doors closing and lapping water are pasted on instead). A phone call from his manager about a proposed European tour is the only explicit confirmation that he's a star. As well as avoiding the clichéd glamour of the average rock biopic, this approach is also a plaintive acknowledgement that success, for Blake, has turned out to be nothing like the decadent playground that the genre usually portrays. 041b061a72


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