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Tyler Rayborn
Tyler Rayborn

Shop-Built Jigs [VERIFIED]

There are many jigs that will increase the versatility and accuracy of your router. I will review some of my favorites including jigs for mortising, dado work and small part work as well as a coping sled and trammel jig.

Shop-Built Jigs

Download Zip:

Lutherie is one of those areas of woodworking where a number of jigsand fixtures are required to do the job. This section detailsconstruction and use of these fixtures and jigs and also providesinformation on other commercial and shop built tools and fixtures thatcan make the job easier, quicker, and/or more precise. Some generalwoodworking tool techniques are covered, such as how to sharpen anumber of the tools used to make stringed instruments. And there is asub section on CAD/CAM/CNC - Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools,Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) tools, and Computer NumericalControl (CNC) machines. Included in this sub section are downloadableCAD drawings of some common instrument hardware, in AutoCAD 2000 .dwgand .dxf file formats.

Here's a discussion of one of the bugaboos of CNC machine design.Backlash is defined and the standard ways for dealing with it arediscussed in not-too-technical language. Yeah, I know this is prettyfar afield of lutherie, but luthiers are very fond of shop-builtmachines and this is a design issue in a lot of them. 076b4e4f54


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