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Matthew Lowe
Matthew Lowe

One Accepting Lightning Network BTC, The Other Accepting Nano : CryptoCurrency [PORTABLE]

By offering a global marketplace where prepaid mobile refills, gift cards, and lightning network services can be purchased using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Bitrefill is bringing cryptocurrency transactions to an entirely new level.

one accepting Lightning Network BTC, the other accepting Nano : CryptoCurrency

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Most cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges require several block confirmations before accepting a transaction. This provides assurance that the transactions are trustworthy, so it makes sense to wait for a few additional blocks before accepting transactions. There are two reasons for this:

Bitcoin, on the other hand, requires 10 minutes on average for a block confirmation. Therefore, waiting for 12 block confirmations would take far too long. BTC blocks are also harder to hack (because they require more proof of work), so the required number of confirmations is generally much lower. Bitstamp requires 3 confirmations before accepting Bitcoin deposits.


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