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Miles Ross

[S14E2] Bounty LINK

At a hotel, a couple go to confront another guest whose music is disturbing them, but find him dead in his room. Briscoe and Green discover that the deceased was a bounty hunter, Robert "Bobcat" Rovelli. He'd been trailing a journalist named Brian Kellogg, who's recently published an exclusive interview with Bobcat's current target: Mitchell Maas, a fugitive known as the "Rich-Kid Rapist." The detectives think that Bobcat got too close, and Maas killed him.

[S14E2] Bounty

Steven Downing is being taken to Mathison County to be hung as a murderer. Kitty believing in his innocence does all she can to stop the bounty hunter Jarvis, and finally Bob Mathison from taking him from Dodge.

Matt is taking a signed confession paper to a Judge that will hang a man, the man has put a reward on the paper causing two bounty hunters to shoot Matt in an effort to get it. Meanwhile, Matt is taken in by a group of freed slaves heading West, and now being pursued by the hunters. 041b061a72


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