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My bus for Battambang was booked via and the first thing to note is that they will add a couple of dollars to each journey simply for the privilege of booking through their website instead of direct with the bus company. So I paid almost $20 instead of the $16 that it would have been booking direct with Mekong Express.


So I jumped on instant chat with which seemed at the time to be a fast and good service. I told her that the Mekong Express office was not appearing on Google and that the directions on the image did not work. The lady on chat (Vanessa) sent new a screenshot of where the Mekong express office was located with walking directions.

When I recharged my phone I could see that had refunded the Battambang to Siem Reap leg of my journey. I then showed this to the woman and paid the $8 direct to Mekong Express so that my ticket had been paid for directly.

It is a third party and although there are no hidden costs with their prices may be a little more than you may be able to get if you go to a local travel agent and book directly. Although no one wants to pay extra for anything, this slight increase will give you a lot of great benefits. Also if you are a student you get a 10% discount anyway. For me, the biggest plus for using is that they have 24/7 support which means that if anything goes wrong there is always someone there who speaks English there to help you.

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