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[S3E14] I'm Ready For My Close-Up ((FULL))

The Takeaway: Withholding information can make an already tense scene even more suspenseful. Think about how you can do this with your writing (and look forward to a future post on the topic).

[S3E14] I'm Ready for My Close-Up

The attendings are in the scrub room. Derek and Burke are still suiting up, but the batteries haven't been charging for too long, so they only have 30 minutes. Addison notices Marina is starting to wake up and fighting the intubation, and since the suits aren't ready yet, she goes in holding her breath.

Marina had had a tumor removed from her colon eight months prior. They thought she had beat it, but she was back in the ER. Richard sent her for tests. They took Marina into surgery, but George quickly noticed that all the people who had been exposed to Marina's blood were experiencing the same symptoms. They had started to operate on her, but they all collapsed. They borrowed suits from orthopedics to finish the surgery, but when she started to wake up while they got ready to go in with suits on, Addison entered the OR to give her more anesthesia. Derek and Burke then operated with the suits, but they were unable to finish closing because their oxygen ran out. Cristina, Meredith, and Izzie went in in shifts to pack her abdomen and do a temporary closure. She then had a special kind of dialysis to remove the toxin from her blood. They believed the herbal supplement she was taking combined with her chemo drugs to create the neurotoxin.

The brothers say that Hixton contacted them about dealing with the drug dealer (Marvin "Oz" Osminkowski) who supplied Nicole. Beckett and Castle have to go undercover at a club to get close to Marvin. Beckett tracks down Marvin and gets him to offer her drugs. This is enough to arrest the dealer, who says that he went to Hixton's apartment, but left because Reginald Easley (Hixton's butler) was already there.

Balthazar demands his minions bring him the Watchers and kill the Slayers. No matter the cost, he must have his amulet. The enemy who crippled him is about to gain ultimate power and he refuses to let this come to pass. Willow presents Buffy with a protection spell and is ready to go slaying that night, but Buffy tells her that it's too dangerous and that she's going with Faith instead. This leaves Willow feeling hurt. The two run into several vampires and stake them. Then Allan Finch, the deputy mayor walks out and Faith accidentally stakes him, too. He dies before anything can be done and both Slayers flee the scene of the crime in separate directions. Buffy runs into Angel and he tells her about Balthazar taking Giles while Faith returns to the scene where Allan is. Only at the end do we learn what she does then.

Still fresh from her divorce, Amy doesn't feel ready to start dating again. But when Mateo tries to set her up with his loser cousin, she gets determined to show everyone she can do better and breaks some hearts in the process. Dina takes advantage of her pregnancy to scam Glenn into accommodating her every whim. (Viewers: 3.46 million)

Caitlin is taken with Dyson, and sets out to prove her animal-rights cred immediately. She does this by demanding that Darth prove that he's eating organic beef when he walks by with a shish kabob, and then, when Jude shows off the silver dollar he found, by suggesting that Jude donate the money to animals in need. Her talking about this prompts Jonesy to suggest that she buy a pet of her own from him, as his new job has him working at Pets and the City in the discount pet aisle. Hearing this, Jude asks what he can get for a rare silver dollar, but in doing so, he drops it and it rolls away. He gives chase after it just as Wyatt walks up and asks if anybody wants to see the new movie Penguin Force with him. Every one of his friends has already seen it, so he decides to go to the movie by himself and then leaves. Jonesy has to leave as well in order to go to work, but Caitlin insists on tagging along in order to check out the animal care facilities.

As time goes by, he gets to the front of the line just in time for the next showing. He punches in his order, and is in the lobby and ready to go see his movie when Jude starts to talk to him about why he's in the vents. Wyatt wants to see the movie first, but before he can, Ron quarantines the theaters, sending him out and making him meet up with his other friends. There, he helps them search for Muffin, but when they finally find the ferret, two of the people in line in front of him walk by discussing the end of the movie, spoiling it for him. Fed up, Wyatt resolves to just rent a DVD and storms away angrily.

Wayne Palmer informs President David Palmer that CTU believes the virus is on its way to Los Angeles, or may already be there. President Palmer says they must prepare in case other cities are attacked. Wayne says the security people are handling it and suggests the President get some rest.

Dalton confirms that they are ready to start Nina's interrogation. Michelle then asks Nick if everything was set up on his end, and he is prepared too. Dalton asks if Tony is going to do the questioning. Michelle tells him yes, and he replies that the situation is weird, due to the past relationship of Tony and Nina. Just then, Tony comes in, and asks if everything is ready. Michelle confirms. Tony wants a hi-resolution scan on her eyes. He thinks it would help to pick up any thread she knows. Then, he goes into the room. The hi-res is confirmed. Nina is surprised to see Tony.

The iCarly gang learn that the music video Freddie made for Wade Collins in "iRocked the Vote" has now become the third most-downloaded video on PearTunes. The most downloaded music video ever features a pop star named Ginger Fox, but ever since the video, her singing and music career has taken a major downturn. In order to revive her career, her manager hires the iCarly team to direct her comeback performance because Ginger likes the Wade Collins music video. However, the task proves practically impossible when the gang realize that the ex-star is all washed up. They are unable to back out of their agreement once Ginger's manager informs them that they will be responsible for the performance, whether it is a success or failure. They eventually use lipsynching, very little choreography, and very few close-ups, smoke, and other little "cheats" to make Ginger Fox's comeback successful. However, there are still some major flaws, including Ginger's failure to keep up with the lipsynching and the fact that she did not shave her armpits before the performance. The trio considers the comeback a failure, but for some reason, people love it and once again, Ginger Fox is on top, despite the fact that she's a terrible performer. Sam states its best if people don't know the truth.

Happy Full House Friday Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.Today I'm kicking off a new Series for MARCH, entitled Good Girls and Bad Boys, and the first bad boy I'm introducing you to is Pete from the band The Funky Tongues in S5E23: Fives A Crowd, which aired on March 21, 1985.In this episode Danny, Jesse and Joey search the drive-in for D.J., who is out with a boy who's never heard the word "No", while Kimmy Gibbler has been left to babysit Nicky and Alex, but it's Stephanie who ends up doing all the work.This was an enjoyable episode. We have DJ going out on what feels like her first date, I could be wrong though, apparently this band The Funky Tongues is the hottest band at Bayview High School according to DJ. Also Pete has a reputation of of being quite "hot stuff" at that school according to Kimmy, girls through themselves at him and he's never heard the word "No".Danny of course regrets agreeing to let DJ go out with Pete after hearing all this and makes it his mission along with Jesse and Joey, the "Dad Patrol" to go to the drive-in movie and rescue DJ.I can't believe he doesn't trust her judgement, but then again look who see went out with.My first impression of Pete gave me Mark from Roseanne vibes Mark being Becky's boyfriend. His first introduction he was real hard core.Pete on the other hand is just rude and smartmouths Danny, I wouldn't let him take out my daughter if I had one.Jesse having already met Pete when his band was recording a demo down in the studio doesn't think much of him either, saying "He's an animal, he's just like I was at 17." To which Danny replies "My baby".The side plot with the award show (which we never see) Becky takes Mr. Woodchuck (Joey's puppet) as her date.Kimmy babysitting the twins (more like standing back and letting Stephanie do all the work) I'd say Steph rightfully earned that $10, was cute to watch.Pete turns out to be a real jerk when he coerses DJ into going to the back of his van to make out while his earsplitting vocals can be heard around the drive-in. DJ finally tells him to back off and let's just watch the movie, he agrees and goes to get popcorn. After seeing the guys there in his van, he tells DJ, dates over so why don't we call it a night and you can go home with your Dad.To sum it up DJ and the guys set some dating ground rules, like no drive ins for a while and be honest about where you're going, if you're seeing a movie, make sure we know it's a drive in.Join me next week when I introduce you to the next bad boy, Bobby, in Full House S8E3: Making Out Is Hard To Do, which aired on October 11, 1994.In this episode Stephanie arrives at Gia's party to discover that the other kids have more advanced games in mind for the evening.Have a great weekend!To EMAIL The PODCAST GOTO:[email protected]

Happy Full House Friday Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.Today, I kick off a new Jesse Series for January 2023, Jesse's Ladies and I'm starting with Full House S1E5: Sea Cruise, which aired on October 16, 1987. Basically covering all the ladies that came before Becky.In this episode Danny's all-male fishing trip turns into a love-boat cruise. The girls spend the night at Grandma's leaving the guys with an empty house for the first time ever. Danny uses this opportunity to suggest they go on a midnight fishing trip down at the marina, just the guys.However Joey and Jesse have other plans of the lady variety, but Danny digs in his heels and plays the guilt card of he's not ready to meet anyone new, so Joey and Jesse give in and they go down to the marina for what they think is a guys only night out, but boy are they surprised. Jesse is reunited with an old flame, famous Rockstar Roxana who brings along her back up singers Yvonne and Vega, and we also have the Captain of the boat Neptune's Bride, none other than Captain Jack's granddaughter Caroline.Danny's turns the co-ed boat trip into a sulk fest with his attitude while Jesse and Joey are over the moon with the female intrusion.I enjoyed this episode, however Danny's stick in the mud attitude got on my nerves.I mean you can do a boys night out anywhere anytime. I do agree that Caroline was coming on a little too strong to Danny with the constant hugging and touching his shoulder clearly making him uncomfortable, but she was a sweet lady once he told her they could be friends.Jesse has to get this jealous chip off his shoulder, just because Roxanna found success outside of your band and you're still playing dive bars. Maybe try writing your own songs and not singing covers all the time. So you're 24 and haven't hit it big in the music industry there's still time to have a number 1 hit in Japan down the road.Join me next week when we meet the next lady of Jesse's, Corrina Spicer in Full House S1E8: Jesse's Girl, which aired on November 6, 1987.In this episode on a stormy night, the family is up telling a bedtime story about a girl that caught the eye of both Jesse and Joey. The girl was being tutored by Jesse, but fell hard for Joey.Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you enjoy the podcast!To EMAIL The PODCAST GO TO:[email protected] 041b061a72


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