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Landscape Design

Insight Horticultural Management not only offers Melbourne businesses and householders an integrated service which includes renovating and maintaining gardens and green public spaces, but also a complete landscape design service. You can save money by retaining Insight to design, build and maintain your planted and green spaces under the one all-inclusive contract.

At Insight Horticultural Management we tick all the landscape design boxes. Insight’s staff have extensive experience in landscape design. The team covers all aspects of landscape and garden design, including irrigation and drip conversion, water harvesting and storage and water feature engineering.

We are very proficient at computer – CAD based design services which enables easy development and modifications of designs and for the accuracy in obtaining project costings.

With expertise in native and exotic plant species selection, our horticulturalists can advise on the plants and locations that will best suit your project, and alert you to any special aspects of their care. Any planted space requires regular maintenance, but with care in the design phase the burden of maintenance can be minimised.

The reputation of the landscape designers at Insight is founded on the excellence of its design, and on efficient project management. All aspects of our project are handled under the one roof, each meshes smoothly with the next, saving money through the efficient use of resources. Any permits required are obtained in a timely fashion, so delays and down time are minimised.

So if you want your landscape project to come in on time and on budget, give the task to the company that can design and construct your landscape and maintain the result in beautiful condition. Let Insight Horticultural Management take charge of your dream.

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