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Residential Landscape Services

Turning a vision into life

Having a beautiful garden is a joy, but it can also be a burden. For busy families, finding the time, let alone the skills, to keep lawns trimmed, shrubbery pruned and paths swept is just not possible. Too often garden maintenance providers in Melbourne simply offer a “handyman” service, without the gardening skills or the horticultural qualifications to properly care for your garden. The Insight Horticultural Management team have the skills and qualifications to ensure your garden remains at its best all year round.

Insight Horticultural Management will do everything from renovating and restoring a neglected Melbourne garden to creating an entirely new garden from scratch – and then keeping it in pristine condition, with a maintenance program implemented by our qualified and highly experienced horticulturalists and gardeners.

Insight offers a proactive approach to garden maintenance that sets it apart. A garden is a living system that speaks to the practiced horticultural eye, seeing problems that will manifest themselves later if appropriate action is not taken. With Insight’s advice and care, problems of nutrition and disease are taken care of promptly, ensuring that your garden retains its vigour, health and beauty.

One of the ways we keep our costs down is by making sure we have every piece of time-saving equipment we need to do the job as quickly and carefully as possible. We have every kind of powered appliance, from ride-on mowers, to pruners, trimmers, edgers and cultivators. That means the time our clients pay for is well spent, and the results perfect.

So don’t entrust your garden maintenance to the handymen – treat it to the skill and care it deserves, with a maintenance program from Insight Horticultural Management. To discuss your garden maintenance, and to arrange a program of care tailored to your needs, contact us here.

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