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Tree Pruning & Hedging

If there is any aspect of Insight Horticultural Management that really demands expert attention, it’s the pruning of trees and shrubbery. So much damage can be done by inexpert operations that you really do need to employ a specialist, if the long term health of your trees and shrubs is to be assured.

There are several reasons for Melbourne householders and businesses to prune trees, hedges or shrubs. These include:

  • Removal of deadwood or other growth that poses a hazard or nuisance to the owner or the public.

  • Shaping – skilled pruning can control and direct growth.

  • Improving and maintaining the health of the tree or shrub, eradicating disease.

  • Promoting the abundance of foliar growth and bloom.

You are responsible for making sure that your trees do not pose a risk to the employees, customers and public who may use nearby space. Dead limbs that may fall on them must be dealt with promptly. Insight’s tree pruning service complies with AS4373-2007, so you can have complete confidence in our work.

Pruning may range from light trimming of hedges and bushes to removal of major tree limbs. Pruning any plant influences its future shape. Undesirable pruning effects are rather hard to correct and even harder to hide, so this demands a broad understanding of the underlying horticultural science, and a well-equipped work force trained to work safely with all species of tree and shrub.

So if you need your trees, shrubs or hedges trimmed or pruned, don’t take a chance.

Tree Pruning & Hedging: Services
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