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Timber Decking

Many of Melbourne’s most exciting garden and landscaping designs owe their beauty to the incorporation of timber features such as pergolas and decking. There’s a wonderful range of light fittings available to make them as beautiful at night as they are in the day time.

Australia’s climate is pretty tough on timber, and building outdoor structures that will last requires careful choice of wood and superior carpentry skills. Insight Horticultural Management can provide a horticultural design, construction and maintenance contract, offering and unrivalled breadth of services under the one roof. These include the design and construction of beautiful timber decking and other structures that serve and embellish the landscapes we create.

The stresses confronted by timber decking in Australia’s climate demand the use of the most weather- and pest-resistant timber and fastenings, and construction techniques which minimise distortion and maximise the strength of the structure. Our carpenters are highly trained and for outdoor decking use timbers like Merbau/spotted gum, which combine strength and resistance to ultraviolet and pests like termites.

Because we combine all aspects of each project – including timber constructions – within a single contract, we are able to ensure that each element of the project meshes neatly with the next, keeping costs down and minimising delays. Our deck builders, like all our tradesmen, are not only chosen for their skills and workmanship, but also for their proven ability to coordinate their projects.

We undertake timber decking projects of any size, with or without associated landscape or maintenance work. So if your garden or landscape requires timber decking.

Timber Decking: Services
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